Anna Bagriana

Анна Багряна

Anna Bagriana  is a poet, prose writer, playwright, translator, author of seven poetry collections, novels “The Etymology of Blood”, “Such a Strange Love this is” andThe Pesterer”, collection of short stories “The Macedonian Stories”, five prose books for children, a fantasy novel “Vitrova Hora and a collection of playsBeyond Time”. She has translated over 35 books of poetry, prose and drama from the Bulgarian, Macedonian and other languages.

Her books have been translated into many languages. Individual books of poetry and prose, as well as collections of plays, have been published in Poland, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia. Her plays ave been staged in theaters of Ukraine, USA and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Laureate of the International Honchar Prize, competitions “Crowning the Word” and “Smoloskyp” (2008). Winner of the 2009 WFUWO Marusia Beck Literary Prize (Canada), the 2009 International Literary Award “Silver Flying Pen” (Bulgaria), the Miladinov Brothers Award of Mediterranean Academy (Republic of North Macedonia, 2012), the International Literary Award Qiriu i Naimit(Republic of North Macedonia, 2012), etc. Member of the National Writers’ Union of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Writers Association.

Psychological mystery in 1 Act about the life of a woman caught in historical events. Time frame: 1918-1945. Place: Central Ukraine, a concentration camp for political prisoners in Vorkuta.