Orignal title: Час пілатесу, 2017Translator: Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun, Polski

Inna, the female protagonist, has her birthday. She lives in Kyiv and her parents who live in another city come to visit her. In the evening, when birthday dinner will be served, they are to meet their daughter’s fiancé, Yosyp, who recently came back home after participating in the anti-terrorist operation. The parents have some free time to kill before the dinner, so they decide to take a walk, buy a gift and visit the place where they first met a long time ago – the so-called House with Daisies, on Zlatoustivska Street (the building was demolished in 2016), while Inna goes to her Pilates classes. However, this, run-of-the-mill day of the happy family turns into an absurd horror, full of violence, retraumatization and pain. When did everything go wrong? Pilates loses its impact on the female body, turning into a repressive beautifying instrument. The female body, which is subject to constant objectification, becomes an apparition bringing demolished houses to life, an echo of the war that rages both near and far away, a boundary between Eros and Thanatos and a medium that is used to inscribe upon the palimpsests of urban (and not only urban) space. Marginalized female voice, which has always been a symbol of self-sacrifice in culture, becomes a shout that, in order to be heard and seen, can take the form of the aesthetics of total ruination.

The play is in the finals of the drama on the move competition (Great Britain) and will be translated into English.

Olga Maciupa, Czas na pilates, przeł. Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun, w: Współczesna dramaturgia ukraińska od A do Ja, ADiT, Warszawa 2018, s. 191—214.

free-flowing poetic thriller, Postdrama, 1 Act4 M, 4 F
23 pages / 3150 words

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