The Knock on the Door

Orignal title: Стукіт у двері, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

"The Knock on the Door" is a poignant and unsettling story that delves into the experiences of Oksana, Taras, Lesia, and Vasil as they face a disturbing intrusion into their lives. In the midst of constant anthropogenic noise, they recount their fear, anger, and desperation when an unknown presence violently enters their apartments. Each character navigates their own psychological turmoil and confronts the destruction of their belongings and personal space. As the narrative unfolds, their responses to the intrusion vary, revealing their individual resilience, defiance, and a range of emotions. The story captures the raw vulnerability and resilience of individuals confronted with a threatening and chaotic situation, raising questions about power, identity, and the fragility of existence.

Drama, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
9 pages / 4013 words

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