LES fugitifs égarés

Orignal title: Заблукані втікачі, 2012Translator: Estelle Delavennat, Français

The production took place in the Theatre Laboratory (Kyiv, 2016).Video version -was made in Poltava Regional Theatre of Music and Drama named after M.V. Hohol (2020). French version published in the anthology “From Chornobyl to Crimea” (De Tchernobyl a la Crimée) by Espace d’un Instant (France). The play won the jury award at the international Days of Drama contest in Lyon (France, 2017). Stage readings in French took place in Lyon (2017) and Paris (2022). The play is also translated into Spanish.


The Dnipro magazine. November 2012. Kyiv.

It’s all happening in the Chornobyl Zone where the present and the past of the disaster merge together. A deserter against his will, son of a fireman’s widow born “thanks to Chornobyl”, Lukasz finds himself in the “exclusion zone” where he meets a most bizarre bunch of people. Each has one’s own reason to run away from the ”big world”: the war, the past, some even from the future, one in search for a creative inspiration, the other is hoping to make some scientific discovery. Tales of love and betrayal, death and resurrection intertwined in a complex labyrinth. Involuntarily, Lukasz helps everyone find their own way, but will he be able to return to the world himself? What is Chornobyl? A disaster of human making or a phenomenon that has radically changed one’s consciousness? Why did it happen in Ukraine? Documentary monologues are combined with game-like and surreal scene.

drama quest, 2 Acts3 M, 4 F
51 pages / 19744 words

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