Miel sauvage

Orignal title: Дикий мед у рік Чорного півня, 2008Translator: Tetiana Syrotchuk , Français

The main character is in trouble: she had an affair with her boss and now she is an expectant mother. She has just a few hours to decide what to do next – get rid of the child in a clinic or keep it. Over 30 years of independence of Ukraine, at least 30 million women decided to have an abortion. According to some experts,  the number of abortions over these years equaled the current population of this country.

This story goes under the sign of the Black Rooster – a symbol historically associated in Ukraine with something tragic and mystical. Even though the play unfolds in our time, can it be that the past  is still catching up with us as the Black Rooster? Anyway, help comes from where no one has ever expected – from Zhenya’s grandma whom she has known since early childhood.

Drama, 1 Act, 1 M, 1 F
15 pages / 3502 words

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