Tetiana Syrotchuk


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– PhD in French language and literature (University of Nancy 2) and specialist in the Ukrainian language and literature, a research associate of PLIDAM (Inalco). Her scientific studies focus on the didactic methods of the languages and cultures, on French and Ukrainian literature, artistic translation and writing reviews. Taught at the universities in Ukraine and France. Author of numerous articles and books, specifically about Guillaume Apollinaire - "Essay on Poetics and Stylistics" (Paris-Lviv, Publishing House of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Europe, 2004) and "Intellectual and Literary Life in Ukraine in the Age of Enlightenment" (Paris, Honoré Champion, collection "Eighteenth centuries", 2010). In 2013, she collaborated on the Universal Dictionary of Creative Women (in three volumes) by Éditions des Femmes. She participated in conferences, research projects and university events in Germany, Canada, France, Poland and Ukraine. Tetiana Syrotchuk is the founder of the publishing house Éditions Bleu et Jaune in Paris.