Místnost absolutního ticha

Orignal title: Кімната абсолютної тиші, 2015Translator: Milan Tamás Vocílka, Český

Modern humans live in such a polluted information space that they lose sensitivity to the most terrible things. Terrorism, infant mortality, gender inequality, environmental pollution, war - all this, mixed with information slop, seems as insignificant as serials, advertising, chatter, or entertainment programs. A person listens but does not hear. Like the protagonist of the play, percussionist Sergei. Raising his son, solving personal problems, trying to write compositions, he is dreaming of the only one thing: an impenetrable cocoon – a room of absolute silence. And according to his moral qualities, in the end, he acquires it.

The action of the play takes place against the backdrop of a surreal geopolitical catastrophe that is a part of an advertising campaign for a large cement manufacturer.

According to the laws of drama, the hero must make decisions, but Sergei is unable to do so. And at the most crucial moment, he shifts the responsibility for his choice to the audience, so the play has two endings


Drama, 3 Acts, 1 M, 3 F
27 pages / 12867 words

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