Tetiana Kytsenko

Тетяна Киценко

playwright, screenwriter

Specializes in social and psychological drama. A winner of the "Week Of Actual Play" (Kyiv, 2011, 2012, 2013). A laureate of the festival Drama.UA (Lviv, 2012). A winner of the contest "Coronation Of The Word" (Kyiv, 2015). A participant of the festival SPECIFIC (Brno, 2014) and the project “Wilder Osten. Ereignis Ukraine” (Magdeburg, 2016). A winner of the Grand Prix of the Free Theater competition (London-Minsk, 2016).

A curator of the projects "To The Document!", "Drama Of Freedom" (2013), "At Gunpoint. Modern Drama" (2014), "Vitally Important" (2019).