Orignal title: М’яч летів на східний берег, 2020Translator: Lydia Nagel, Beatrix Kersten, Deutsch

The play begins with the European Football Championship. The border with Poland, which is crossed daily by a cigarette-laden bus Lviv-Lublin, becomes a border that lays the political context of future events - Euromaidan in 2013, the annexation of Crimea, and the start of the war in Donbas, as well as past unspoken traumas associated with World War II and postwar deportations. The bus "meets" different identities, conflicting memories, national and regional stereotypes, and violence, which does not disappear, but becomes a metaphor for constant struggle and resembles a football competition. What are the boundaries of the characters on the mental map of postcolonial Ukraine at the "end" of history, in which there seems to be no room for great narratives? The most important are the memory, experience, faith, and dreams of the passengers of the holey Icarus who care about their time and space.


The play was shortlisted at the Contemporary Play Week drama contest in 2020 and appeared as finalist of the drama contest of Ukrainian Institute a part of Transmission.UA: drama on the move program. Translation into German was made possible due to the support of Goethe-Institut Ukraine. 

Tragicomedy, 2 Acts7 M, 7 F
61 pages / 15023 words

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Olha Matsiupa, author - [email protected]

Lydia Nagel, translator - [email protected]