Spökhuset / Varför. Vi. Flydde. Från. Donbas.

Orignal title: Дім з привидами / Чому. Ми. Втекли. З Донбасу., 2017Translator: Diana Dobrodii, Mikael Nydahl, Svenska

They’re refugees. They have experienced the drab day-to-day existence at a small town in Donbass - mundane troubles, hidden traumas, horrors of war and brutal violence. It seemed that all of that was left behind for good. They’re ready for a new life in a quiet, hospitable village located in Ukraine’s center. Tomorrow their long journey will finally end. As long as they survive the overnight stop at the house of complete strangers and the long night whose darkness brings back everything they would like to forget…

Drama with elements of comedy, 2 Acts2 M, 2 F
38 pages / 12209 words

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Andrii Bondarenko, author: [email protected]

Diana Dobrodii, translator: [email protected]

Mikael Nydahl, translator: [email protected]