Borscht. Great-Grandmas' Recipes For Survival

Orignal title: Борщ. Рецепт виживання моєї прабабці, 2022Translator: John Freedman, Natalia Bratus, English

"Borscht. My great-grandmother's recipe for survival" is based on real events. The play consists of three short stories, the heroes of which are residents of one village in the Kyiv region who had to live under occupation for a certain time. The events take place in the first months of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Namely, in February - April 2022. All three stories, even taking into account the terrible realities, are full of hope and faith in a bright future.

Why "Borshch"? The theme of cooking a Ukrainian national dish under the title runs through all the novels in a separate line, which is what unites them. Borscht is a symbol of home, coziness, traditions and indomitability. In each short story, the heroes of the play either prepare borscht, look for ingredients for it, tell the unique recipes of their families, or simply dream of how they will prepare it after victory.

Historical drama, Drama, Tragicomedy, for adults, documentary drama, social drama, 3 Acts3 M, 3 F
19 pages / 7969 words

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