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Translated to: Slovak
What can you compare the sound of a nail with which a coffin is hammered? When a ballistic missile flies into your...
monodrama1 F
1289 words / 3 pages
Translated to: Slovak
Monologue-essay on the tragic history of a Ukrainian family during the centuries of Russian horrible domination that...
Drama, 1 Act1 M
1553 words / 5 pages
Translated to: Slovak
A play commissioned by a grant from Philip Arnoult's Center for International Theater Development (U.S.) A seemingly...
Drama, 1 Act1 F
1030 words / 4 pages
Translated to: Slovak
While reading the translation, one should keep in mind the note explaining the use of such word for “qassabs A local...
Drama with elements of comedy, 1 Act1 F
784 words / 2 pages
Translated to: Slovak
One of the most prominent Ukrainian plays of the last decade. The work consists of six independent scenes that observe...
6 M, 9 F
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