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A narrator goes through the words describing emotions that have continually visited her ever since the war began: Fear...
Monologue1 M, 3 F, Crowd
5033 words / 15 pages
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In a text written in the first weeks of the war, the author speaks of the importance of calling everything - streets...
A war-ning, 1 Act
1057 words / 2 pages
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February 2022. An old Jewish dentist is looking for evacuation from Kharkiv, recalls his military childhood and at the...
Drama, short stories, 1 Act1 M
1601 words / 8 pages
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Three brief, semi-independent, but partially interlocking, scenes taking place in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. 1)...
Drama, 1 Act5 M, 7 F
1885 words / 5 pages
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Two sisters are hiding from shelling in the Kharkiv metro. For them, as well as for many residents of the city, the...
Drama, short stories, 1 Act2 F
2254 words / 9 pages
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Reflection on the trip to Severodonetsk in the weeks before the full-scale invasion. Reflections on the catastrophe...
Monologue, 1 Act1 F
1700 words / 5 pages
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"41 days" is a newly written monodrama based on documentary war journal entries made by the playwright Oleg Mihaylov who...
documentary monodrama, 1 Act
1 M
3311 words / 9 pages