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A gripping story based on a dream seen by the author. The main character is making his way to a mysterious building...
Postdrama, 13 Acts
6 M, 1 F
3971 words / 13 pages
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An aviatrix, an ace of the Soviet Air Force during the Russo-Finnish War (1939-40) speaks to a gathering at a textile...
Monologue, 1 Act
1 F
1430 words / 4 pages
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First-person story of personal problems with a boyfriend against the background of the outbreak of war.
1242 words / 4 pages
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It explores the experience of finding oneself in a bomb shelter sharing a tight space with strangers, pondering the fact...
Drama, 1 Act4 M, 9 F, 5 K
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Fixation of the beginning of the war through the prism of anxious moods and reflections
Monologue, 1 Act1 F
621 words / 1 pages
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The text was written after watching a video. It was made by Ukrainian soldiers on the front line on the 100th day of...
Drama, 1 Act
450 words / 2 pages
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36th Marine Brigade took part in the battle for Mariupol which went on for 82 days. The Brigade sustained heavy losses...
monodrama, 1 Act1 M
5907 words / 16 pages
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A short for 2 or more actors.. A naive playwright seeking material for a documentary play about the Russo-Finnish War of...
, 1 Act
4 M
1125 words / 4 pages