Natalia Blok

Наталя Блок

Born in 1980 in Kherson. Graduated from Kherson school of culture. The winner of the festival of contemporary art "Terra Futura" (2007) and gender media contest "Krona" (2014). Participant of "Totem" group projects, the leader of the feminist organization "Insha". The playwright, director, author of photo and video works. Live and works in Kherson.

is a well-known playwright and screenwriter, her plays have been staged with success both in Ukraine (state and independent theaters) and abroad. Her texts have repeatedly been shortlisted for international and national prestigious competitions: Week of Current Play, Batumi Monoplay Festival, UA Drama. Coronation of the word, pitching of State Cinema, Pitchin of patriotic series of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. She has been translated into Polish, Georgian, German and Russian. She is a founder of the Theater of Playwrights, and a multiple winner of the State Cinema and Pitch of Ukraine competition as a screenwriter