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JUDGE and DOCTOR may be of any sex, the director can decide.
Drama, 1 Act1 F
4305 words / 13 pages
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Three brief, semi-independent, but partially interlocking, scenes taking place in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. 1)...
Drama, 1 Act5 M, 7 F
1885 words / 5 pages
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This text is about my February 24, 2022, the beginning of the war in Ukraine on a large scale, and in it: people's...
wartime drama
1079 words / 6 pages
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The monodrama Panickers like you covers the first days of the russian invasion in Ukraine and a full-scale war from the...
monodrama, 1 Act1 F
2557 words / 6 pages
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Stress and shock of the first days of war. Despite all that, a woman is holding on to a dream – to plant the apple...
wartime drama, 1 Act1 F
1320 words / 4 pages
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Hocus Pocus by Liudmyla Tymoshenko is a powerful reflection on the Ukrainian Maidan protests in 2014 and the subsequent...
documentary drama, Monologue, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
1645 words / 4 pages
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A woman finds herself in a critical situation. She is diagnosed with cancer and goes reflecting on her life. She has...
Drama, 1 Act
1 M, 3 F
5459 words / 15 pages