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Translated to: Deutsch
What should you do first, whenever you meet a Ukrainian caretaker in a godforsaken Jewish cemetery somewhere in Poland...
Tragicomedy, Absurd, 1 Act
5 M, 2 F
10118 words / 46 pages
Translated to: English
Story of a man fleeing the Donbas in an attempt to start his life anew in a foreign land. Haunted by the war traumas, he...
Drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
8519 words / 18 pages
Translated to: Deutsch
A fiction story about little girl Dasha who is carrying a real explosive device that, once detonated, is capable of...
Comedy, 9 Acts
7 M, 4 F
7713 words / 32 pages
Translated to: Deutsch
Four women, named after musical instruments, talk about a quiet stable life in the sanatorium. It provides everything...
Opera libretto
4 F
6748 words / 55 pages