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Translated to: Français
Psychological mystery in 1 Act about the life of a woman caught in historical events. Time frame: 1918-1945. Place...
Mystery, 9 Acts
4 M, 10 F
2883 words / 14 pages
Translated to: Français
This text is about my February 24, 2022, the beginning of the war in Ukraine on a large scale, and in it: people's...
wartime drama
1139 words / 6 pages
Translated to: Français
A story of a weird family residing within the 30 km Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: a deserted village by the river Pripyat, a...
Drama, Tragicomedy, 3 Acts3 M, 2 F
20295 words / 79 pages
Translated to: Français
First-person story of personal problems with a boyfriend against the background of the outbreak of war.
1242 words / 4 pages
Translated to: Français
A documentary about the Ukrainian children going through the first weeks of war after February 24. A play commissioned...
wartime drama, 1 Act1 F
2502 words / 5 pages
Translated to: Français
The main character is in trouble: she had an affair with her boss and now she is an expectant mother. She has just a few...
Drama, 1 Act
1 M, 1 F
3502 words / 15 pages
Translated to: Français
The brothers Yuri and Artem had a dream - to become legendary musicians. They formed a rock band and planned to record...
Family drama, 1 Act2 M
6458 words / 21 pages
Translated to: Français
Austria, 2013 – a separate book (Hohe Auflösung). Published by the organizing committee of the drama competition “Talk...
Absurd, Drama, Tragicomedy, 7 Acts3 M, 2 F
16682 words / 80 pages