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Translated to: Français
This text is about my February 24, 2022, the beginning of the war in Ukraine on a large scale, and in it: people's...
wartime drama
1139 words / 6 pages
Translated to: Slovak
Monologue-essay on the tragic history of a Ukrainian family during the centuries of Russian horrible domination that...
Drama, 1 Act1 M
1553 words / 5 pages
Translated to: Deutsch
Reflection on the trip to Severodonetsk in the weeks before the full-scale invasion. Reflections on the catastrophe...
Monologue, 1 Act1 F
1600 words / 6 pages
Translated to: English
"Blackout? Make Love" by Volodymyr Serdiuk is a captivating piece that serves both as a libretto for a musical or rock...
The libretto of the musical, 2 Acts3 M, 3 F, 2 K
10829 words / 42 pages
Translated to: English
Tragic and comic history of the Ukrainian village in the first days of the Russian occupation. While reading the...
Drama with elements of comedy, 1 Act1 F
1087 words / 2 pages
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"Fragments and Puzzles" is a text that appeared after February 24, 2022. After that day, finally the foundations of the...
Drama, 5 Acts1 M, 4 F
3313 words / 7 pages
Translated to: English
The story of a couple from Lviv, Ukraine on the first day of the full-scale Russian invasion. A story about shock and...
Drama, short stories, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
2125 words / 6 pages
Translated to: Românesc
A documentary about the Ukrainian children going through the first weeks of war after February 24. A play commissioned...
Art and documentary, 1 Act1 F
2244 words / 5 pages