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196 результат(ів) пошуку
Translated to: English
"Borscht. My great-grandmother's recipe for survival" is based on real events. The play consists of three short stories...
Historical drama, Drama, Tragicomedy, for adults, documentary drama, social drama, 3 Acts3 M, 3 F
7969 слів / 19 стр.
Translated to: Český
Documentary drama, testimonies of Maidan participants in 2014 in Ukraine
documentary drama8 M, 8 F
14549 слів / 26 стр.
Translated to: English
A resident of one of the settlements in Brovary district, Alevtina, tells the former chairman, Fedorovich, about her...
Drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
3155 слів / 6 стр.
Translator: Tetiana Syrotchuk
Translated to: Français
The main character is in trouble: she had an affair with her boss and now she is an expectant mother. She has just a few...
Drama, 1 Act
1 M, 1 F
3502 слів / 15 стр.
Translator: Lydia Nagel
Translated to: Deutsch
Men sit in a bomb shelter during shelling. In his created microcosm.
Drama, 1 Act5 M, 1 K
577 слів / 2 стр.
Translator: Iana Gudzenko
Translated to: English
Internet conversations of four teenagers from Irpin in the first days and weeks of the war. A story about how children...
Drama, short stories, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
1984 слів / 8 стр.
Translator: Lydia Nagel
Translated to: Deutsch
A seemingly random collection of information gathered around the news that a Russian Topol-M rocket has been fired and...
Drama, 1 Act1 F
917 слів / 4 стр.
Translator: Lydia Nagel
Translated to: Deutsch
– Mommy, I am a little Hitler – Sleep, honey, I am your Motherland! «Let's start from the very beginning or perhaps the...
Psychedelic drama, 1 Act1 M, 1 F
4205 слів / 15 стр.