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184 результат(ів) пошуку
Translator: Ian Stephens
Translated to: Français
The text was written in the early days of the Russian invasion. The author lives in Kherson. She compiled a war time...
Art and documentary, 1 Act2 M, 3 F
2500 слів / 7 стр.
Translated to: Français
”Anthem of Democratic Youth” — a play after a book by Serhiy Zhadan, one of the most renowned modern Ukrainian writers...
Drama, short stories, 3 Acts12 M, 3 F
Translator: John Freedman
Translated to: English
A short for 2 or more actors.. A naive playwright seeking material for a documentary play about the Russo-Finnish War of...
1 Act
4 M
1125 слів / 4 стр.
Translator: Lydia Nagel
Translated to: Deutsch
A documentary about the Ukrainian children going through the first weeks of war after February. A play commissioned by a...
Drama, 1 Act1 F
2328 слів / 5 стр.
Translator: John Freedman
Translated to: English
A young man is preoccupied with two things: the beautiful divorcee Raisa and the coming war with Finland (Russo-Finnish...
1 M, 1 F
1735 слів / 4 стр.
Translator: Rory Mullarkey
Translated to: English
Our hero Hairy likes swearing, booze and singing in his death metal band. His new girlfriend doesn’t. A foul-mouthed...
Comedy, 1 Act5 M, 3 F, Crowd
9759 слів / 27 стр.
Translator: Riku Toivola
Translated to: Suomi
What can you compare the sound of a nail with which a coffin is hammered? When a ballistic missile flies into your...
monodrama, 1 Act1 F
1080 слів / 3 стр.
Translator: Anna Daskaliuk
Translated to: Deutsch
"X-teen in Search of Meaning" (title in German - Xzehn auf der Suche nach Sinn) is a play created under the leadership...
Fantasy drama, 1 Act7 M, 3 F
9151 слів / 50 стр.