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Translated to: Polski
Inna, the female protagonist, has her birthday. She lives in Kyiv and her parents who live in another city come to visit...
free-flowing poetic thriller, Postdrama, 1 Act4 M, 4 F
3150 words / 23 pages
Translated to: Français
The brothers Yuri and Artem had a dream - to become legendary musicians. They formed a rock band and planned to record...
Family drama, 1 Act2 M
6458 words / 21 pages
Translated to: Deutsch
Cars refugee. The "Cat Club" welcomes refugees. Cats and kittens who lost their homes due to the Great Tribulation live...
Comedy, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
4609 words / 23 pages
Translated to: English
Locked up in a morgue and terrorized by phone calls, two women are too radically interpreting their situation – from the...
Black comedy for the national theatre of tragedy, 2 Acts
2 F
6609 words / 22 pages
Translated to: English
A woman in dark glasses is selling orphaned kittens – a white, a gray and a black one – all what is left of her house...
Donbas farewell monologue, 1 Act
1 F
11930 words / 22 pages
Translated to: Český
By February 24, 2022, the war in Ukraine has been going on for 8 years. This text is dedicated to its very beginning -...
documentary drama, 2 Acts7 M, 4 F
9277 words / 21 pages
Translated to: Românesc
Dramatic monologue poem about the feelings of war and personal apocalypse of the survivor of the first weeks of Russia's...
Drama, 1 Act1 M
2554 words / 22 pages
Translated to: English
A bunch of tiny mice goes out to save their Mommy Mouse and their trip is full of adventures. Contemporary story for...
Adventures, 11 Acts
3 M, 3 F, 3 K
4068 words / 21 pages