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Translated to: Deutsch
The story of a strange relationship between people who met in a refugee shelter in rear Lviv. The main character, a...
1 M, 1 F
3378 words / 12 pages
Translated to: English
Early 90's. The USSR is on the verge of collapse. In Ukraine, a maniac specializes in strangling girls and young women...
3 M, 1 F, 3 K, Crowd
1007 words / 66 pages
Translated to: Suomi
What can you compare the sound of a nail with which a coffin is hammered? When a ballistic missile flies into your...
1 F
1080 words / 3 pages
141 Result(s)
Translated to: Polski
Two girls - Teresa and Beata find themselves in a large shopping center in Kiev, are represented by people as beggars...
Tragicomedy, 1 Act3 M, 5 F
7678 words / 24 pages
Translator: Volodymyr Serdiuk
Translated to: English
A Ukrainian Soldier is near to dying. During his last Big Travelling, he finds a guy which decides not to help him to...
A black comedy for the theatre of national tragedy, 1 Act2 M, 2 F
2145 words / 9 pages
Translator: Keren Klimovsky
Translated to: English
"41 days" is a newly written monodrama based on documentary war journal entries made by the playwright Oleg Mihaylov who...
documentary monodrama, 1 Act
1 M
3311 words / 9 pages
Translator: Ian Stephens
Translated to: Français
The text was written in the early days of the Russian invasion. The author lives in Kherson. She compiled a war time...
Art and documentary, 1 Act2 M, 3 F
2500 words / 7 pages
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7 December 2022
British Theatre in Kyiv on Dec 08 and Dec 10. An important solidarity gesture from Great Britain – a Theatre tour to Ukraine with a performance in December. British Finborough Theatre brings to Kyiv a Ukrainian premiere of “Pussycat in the Memory of Darkness” by Neda Nejdana
16 November 2022
Оголошується Конкурс драматургічного перекладу імені Ірини Стешенко. Дедлайн першого етапу - до 16 грудня 2022 року. Метою проведення Конкурсу є заохочення перекладачів до створення перекладів української класичної драматургії та промоція перекладених творів у міжнародному
4 November 2022
On October 12, 2022, the University of Melbourne, ProEnglish Theatre (Ukraine), and Plain English Theatre Company (Australia) presented a powerful play OTVETKA@UA directed by playwright James Robertson. The play written by Neda Nezhdana explores the impact of war on one woman’s

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